Claims Procedures

Follow these procedures for claims, appeals, state agency requests, and questions about future unemployment insurance expenditures.

Notice of claims filed or separation request

When you receive a Notice of Claims Filed or a Separation Request, immediately respond to the claim and all related documents by faxing or e-mailing to MTSUIP.

Prompt handling is important, as most documents will provide a specific time period for action, such as 8 days from the initial claim.

If there is a risk of an untimely response or action, call or e-mail MTSUIP. They can protect your interest by submitting a timely response from information received by phone or e-mail.

When a former employee files a claim

The state will mail initial claims directly to MTSUIP. If you receive any unemployment documents directly from the state, fax them immediately to MTSUIP.

Appeals administration

MTSUIP receives determination notices directly from the state. We will contact you to identify appeal options available for unfavorable determinations. When an unemployment hearing is scheduled, we will contact you immediately to notify you of the time, date, and location of the hearing.  MTSBA will prepare witnesses, gather documentation, and represent you at these hearings.

State agency requests for additional information

Refer all requests from the state to MTSUIP. We have the claim records and know what issues and information may be pertinent.